Sunday, December 06, 2009

the forbidden planet

Whatever happens in life, do not fall into a droplet of water suspended on the frond of a palm. That being said the mango season has at last taken off and the price of such fruit is descending daily, as are the mangoes. Back with the Humble telescope and I have discovered the great star nursery and beyond the greater maternelle of galaxies :

Red dwarfs, pulsars, spirals, dinkumpoops, a whole wealth of cosmological growths are to be found at the market of St Pierre on a Saturday morning. Who needs the LHD, read a bit of Blake, drink a Phoenix and the origins of the cosmos are as clear as ....

... Well, as the mango eclipsed by Saturn

... and if any of youse should ask what life on planet is like. The terraforming is taking place but it is being constantly delayed by the human virus, who, being conservative by nature are intent on planetary and cosmological reversion to primal sludge.

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