Sunday, November 01, 2009

Mango Cosmology

The first big rains have arrived and one can but wait for the cyclones that follow. All doom and apocalyptic doom if the current season in the Philippines is anything to go by. But, as Lawrence would have us believe, "a wild thing never felt sorry for itself" and Nature (big N!) is inherently amoral so ... Better stop trying to control the big N and respect it. Lots more of that humility before nature and humble pie is not currently being served in McDo. That, however, is another rant for a very rainy day.

Tired of picking sand out of my umbilici and all those worlds in grains of sand decided to hug a few trees. The fruit of palms suspended as whorls of galaxies, dust in the nostrils of god (small g because HE doesn't exist but the image is amusing.

Looking up at trees makes one's head turn, turn turn as some vinyl hit from the sixties, and then ...

I found a star chart inscribed on a mango - photo thanks to the Humble Telescope

Nothing left but to interpret runes on palm trunks.

About time we all stopped imposing meaning on life and just got on with living it. Happy Mango !

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Aly Beth said...

Happy Mango! I love it!

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