Friday, April 27, 2007


After several months of wandering, and having recently got over sulking at not being on Réunion for the "eruption of the century", I am becoming settled for the summer.

Obviously, writing bile in a blog is not suficiently well paid and I'm still looking for a job - anyone need a 46yr old gigolo?

Hence the title change for my sojourn into the Northern Hemisphere in quest of gainful employ. Not that you are interested, but, I have taken up residence in an old volcano crater in the land of sucs. It is rather jolly and once I get the broadband up and running I am sure that bile production will ressume is usual levels - watch this space.

One thing certain is that I won't be seeing any eruptions for a while - the last one here was some 600,000yrs ago. The landscape though, is fascinating and is a useful distraction from depression, paranoia and other residues of bile induced states. That does not however, include the French presidential elections about which I shall say only that the "decline" of the FNs support to 10.4% is still a cause for concern. Back on Réunion, Le Pen's support dropped to just under 5% from the 10.8% that I remarked upon in 2002. Am I one of the few that still finds this disturbing? And, just what manner of beast is that hobbit Sarkozy?

All the answers and more...


If, like me, you are missing Réunion have a look at Réunion Island site and keep an eye on that most magnificent eruption at

photo from "Le Journal"

Saturday, April 14, 2007

sour grapes

- eruption of the century? Yeah, but I wasn't there...

Photo from Take a look and enjoy, then go and terraform Mars... I'm still sulking.

hot rock mantis