Monday, July 12, 2010

Shades of grey

So just what is the difference between colour and black and white ? The former is more concerned with the interplay of light on the form. one apprehends the image in some hinterland midway between the eye and the image. There is a strange interaction of the eye reflecting the colour of the colour reflecting the eye.

Black and white is more tactile, it has more depth and is somewhat more brutal. it is about substance. These are the things that are and not as they seem to be. The eye is apart from the apprehension, alone it cannot comprehend. We need to touch the image ...

But, after all, they are but images. Reflections on perception that should inspire one to seek form and substance, that sensual connectivity, wherever one can.

Monday, July 05, 2010


Cetain etters have refused t wk n my keybard which means that this text is even mre pathetic than ever. S, this is hw he wrte Ridey Waker.

Unti next time enjy the pics !

hot rock mantis