Thursday, November 24, 2005

Well, I’ve just got back and although this is supposed to be about some burning rock in the Indian Ocean even exiles must travel. I went to England in order to visit the One. The One existed long before Neo, but not before the Buddha or Jesus. However, I know that the One exists and the other two were probably figments of some tripping beneath Bo trees.

England is still very much England. This may come as some surprise to those of you who live there. The people are on the whole friendly and hypocritical as long as they can get what they want and if this includes 24h shopping, porn on the internet, cheap holidays and chickens then all is well with the world. Not and I say NOT that anyone I know is like that – and here I would like to say a big thank you dahlings to all those who put up with me on the tour. I am looking forward to the return visits!!!

I believe. I believe that Waitrose has become the opiate of the organic masses.

I believe also that I am impressed by the stirrings of a metaphysical renaissance in the yuff of today – and not just in the One but in many of these pimply, grunting, swelling and generally awake peri-pubescent beings…

I read about Gary Glitter the other day. Methinks he should be used as a mine detector and clear a path through the Vietnamese jungle to retribution. I do not think he should be doing this alone and my list of volunteer mine clearers is growing longer by the day.

At some point I must return to Reunion by a slowly burning France. Is this the beginning of the end of yet another ancient regime? Assimilate this!

Back on the rock and it is grey cloudy and sweaty but at least no one is burning cars. However, given the French record on welcoming all manner of political perverts (as long as they are rich) how long will it be before the beaches of La Sourire Chaud are welcoming the like of GG? Frankly, all the world is sick and tired of perverts whether sexual, political, social, economical and just about anyone who wears a suit…

…the point of this rant is that in the post-colonial etc era nothing really has changed. There is a small movement for the independence of this fair island and they have been trying to reveal the sleazy side of French political interests and the general “abuse” of the island and its people – check out

Where do I fit in to all of this? I have been clearing the garden and lopping off tall trees and the like awaiting the impending cyclone season – maybe a little cyclonic renewal is what we all need…

hot rock mantis