Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Great Gecko of Christmas Present

Two Great Geckos of my acquaintance set off for Copenhagen, the commune decided (encore!) to spray everything to kill off all the mossies. There are still lots of mossies but everything else is dying. There is no chikungunya ... yet.

The Great Geckos returned having reached the end of a coconut frond and reflected that humans trying to solve the climate problem was like expecting neonates to remove their own meconium. In effect, there is no climate problem there is a human problem.

However, this is the season of goodwill and the great stuffing of christians. The supermarkets here are bulging with uncarefully filed cardboard fillets of farmed fish. Everyone seemingly wants to eat salmon for the season along with foie gras. The latter a symbol of a perverse and bloated consumerism and the former a symbol of humanity swimming in it own fecal matter and desperately trying to devolve. On an island fecund and fruitful surrounded by seas teeming with unfarmed fish one would think that ...

... well if you want a photo of my carrapacio d'espadon.

You'll have to wait as the gecko is hungry and some "lcd" has destroyed its larder. Yep, some things are just black and white, even when they are not.

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