Sunday, June 13, 2010

Seeing the green line ...

It has been said, and I am sure to have mentioned it here before, that, on clear days, as the sun sets a green line can be seen on the horizon in this part of the world. Tis true that I have seen many a setting sun and it is not green. The sun sets and sets very quickly, especially at this time of year - it being winter and all. And, do not contradict me for it is not a fact but a subjective poetical whimsy.

The wind rises at this time of year and the south of the island is a blustery as a good day at Portland Bill. Fortunately, there is the sun, which sets. A couple of days ago whilst taking yet more photos of sunsets that are always different and often better than the last I saw it. The green line that is, not the sun. In fact it is not a green line but a flash of green like that of a port side lamp on a storm-tossed galleon - the Flying Dutchman obviously. That's it. A flash of green.

A flash of green. After spending all those years staring into sunsets I am not too sure if it actually exists or if it is a precursor to blindness. Surely there is a moral there somewhere - a metaphysical metaphor about the humbling nature of existence, the weight of the soul or the stupidity of staring at the sun. It is bright, the sun not the starer.

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Badger said...

I have often wondered whether or not it was real or the stuff of novelists and film makers. Now I know.

hot rock mantis