Saturday, June 19, 2010

Dreams of a comic reality

Sometimes life is far more surreal than hard. People who have hard lives don't have time for the surreal. Like leisure it has become a somewhat bourgeois luxury. Not that I am one to go around paraphrasing Marx. So, I am not going to complain, merely state the fact that life has taken on a rather cartoonish reality these days. Or is it just RĂ©union ?

Actually, it is all down to the fact that I had forgotten to charge my two battery packs and had to resort to taking photos on my one touch tribe (wtf?) Why can't you just call it a phone ?

Someone, somewhere, someonce said that they were not sure if their thoughts procured their dreams or their dreams procured their thoughts. I have the distinct impression that my thoughts are currently barbecuing my dreams and this is resulting in a seriously well done version of reality. Of course, your reality is somewhat different and peopled by sane characters and false illusions of security. The interior reality is that the day you start crying soul tears all those watercolour realities will dissolve and you are left with ...

... a soggy tissue. Tis only on disregarding the tissue that you can start to live as long as you clean your nose up first.

Then, make a guacamole with avocados bigger than pineapples.

After all, life is more than just a concept, it is there to be eaten. Perhaps, I should start a recipe page...

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Really like the philosophy of life that you have tried to explain nd define in your post, Life is a roller coaster ride with ups and downs which one needs to get immune to.

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