Monday, September 03, 2007

Seasons? What seasons...

Yeah, I know that I have used this title somewhere before. Summer must have ended even before it began - June seemed like autumn and July and August just fell into a grey and drizzly hole. Well, despite a day or two when the temperature peaked at 35°C. So, who's complaining?

The only reason I've go time to write this this morning is that I am bent double rather like a paper clip. I would like to think this is what happens when trying to imitate a French truffle sow, but as one will note from the photos they be not truffles but girolles. Now, there was a time when I wouldn't have known a girolle from a pink marshmallow, but today I do and have lived to consume a large plate of them. Delicious, far more so than other typically French things such as oysters and snails - both of which taste like snot and so are heavily "perfumed" with garlic and the like. Why ruin good garlic?

Yes, I am a culinary philistine - which I always thought was one who ate stamps! I'll eat anything except if it comes from McDo or resembles slime. To this end I am grateful for the "boucané" (look it up) which, with an aubergine, a heap of massale and a couple of garden chillies livened up a boring Sunday and a bad back. The bad back? Trying to renovate the house before winter sets in - or rather before it gets that cold that I need heat...

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