Sunday, May 06, 2007

seasons of mist and...

Bugger! It's Spring, or thereabouts. Still yesterday was misty and it made me feel mellow if not, alas, very fruitful. Maybe I should try eating more pears or something.

I was thinking of waiting till after the French elections to write some scathing monologue about how my wossie version of outdoor, plastic chair anarchism is far preferable to some fascist hobbit or a spoilt bourgeois socialist. Whatever happened to Proudhon? Nobody reads him anymore, but then it did always rub a little that the most famous French anarchist was also a misogynist - still made Marx look a right plonker.

Everyone thinks that Sarko will win - yeah I'll eat my hat after 20:00 when the results are announced - but does it really matter? Nope! Having just moved to France from Réunion - you know that ex slave colony where 5% of the population still managed to vote for LE Pen - I am most amused at the extent of all this scapegoating xenophobia. I was informed last week that my social security "dossiers" had arrived from Réunion and that I was a Swiss national with no right of residence in France - bloody hilarious except that "they" then fined me 2120€. Reminds me of the UK in the eighties - that was hilarious as well - even if my failed attempts to be radical got me arrested at the Warrington Messanger picket line only to be released coz the scuffers fawt I was 13 and should be up in time for school the next day. Errr - I was 23. Just goes to show that being a revolutionary means you have to have a face like Che and not a pimply cherry-boy who has only recently lost his action man.

This brings me back to the French elections with a face like Sarko ...

Oh and don't say that I didn't warn youse all. This from my blog 11/05/06 :

Ségolene has said that there will be riots in the streets if Sarko is elected... Mmmmmmmmmm!


Anonymous said...

Segolene is a bitch. Just because you have a face doesn't mean you gotta be elected.she doesn't even have a program. she doesn't have any CONCRETE PLANS & IDEAS; all she does is rant and rant like an old fart about the others. AND of course the promise of money. haha. This is what thrid world election parties do to hook simpleminded masses(and i say masses not people). And France is soon gonna look like a sissy if there's not a n iron fist to put all that back in order. You almost sound like those lousy university professors quoting this dead man and that dead man...Conservateurs...afraid of change?
You'r'e talking about the dom-toms. See how they trembled at sarkozy's words "work more" and scrambled like the lazy fat rats that they are to vote for motherly-candy-queen Segolene?
Gimme a break.
BTW I'm here because you're listed on wikipedia.

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