Wednesday, May 09, 2007

carbon upsetting

I've been thinking globally. So, the Queen gets back from the States and her trip is to be carbon offsetted - nice to see the jet-set getting off-set. As a head of state she certainly has her responsibilities - the latest being the war in Iraq; funny how she never mentioned it on her trip to the States. Perhaps, in the next few months we will see the emergence of a plan for moral offsetting. This will be a karmic plan to save the moral planet and all those poor countries can become rich by accepting the moral burden of the foreign policies of the rich and decadent. Oh! Of course they are already doing that and paying for it in terms of lives lost and ruined.

The Christian community have been doing the equivalent for years and the rich have been forever buying their way into the kingdom of heaven - Kingdom? Presumably the Queen has a free pass...

Meanwhile the Chinese authorities are complaining that their people are not respecting the one child per family rule. The whole world should have a one child rule - save the planet! Bollocks, it is not about saving the planet. It never was about saving the planet. The Planet, as in Great Mother Earth doesn't care, it is amoral. Did no one read James Lovelock? The planet will exist in some state long after we have all gone. It is all about saving humanity - or more pointedly a predominantly white middle class male version of what humanity and the planet is. The Earth is our sandpit and we have chosen to crap in the sandpit because we don't want to share it with anyone or anything else.

Less people means less consumption and less pollution - obviously this is not good capitalism, but capitalism is an idea not a forest or a species on the verge of extinction. People are carbon based life forms maybe it is "we" that should be offset?

Some while back the authorities in Singapore were worried that the "educated" were not reproducing as they, realistically, saw it as a silly thing to do, or want to do. Various measures were introduced to encourage those with a university education and above to copulate in order to raise the intelligence of the nation. Thus, revealing Nature's fiendish plot and the double edged sword of population control. If one is intelligent one doesn't procreate and, therefore, population is controlled. If one does procreate without limits the lowest common denominator kicks in and we drown in the world of our own stupidity. Add to this a world economic system that encourages stupidity beyond consumption and you can guess the results.

What I really wanted to get back to was my original thought for this morning - Just who is going to carbon offset the Iraq war and the next one and the next one...

Reading all this you would be forgiven for thinking that I live in a tree, eat leaves and think that the bicycle is the work of the devil. What, is he a hypocrite? More of that latter.

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