Sunday, March 11, 2007

... be back soon!

One of the saddest things in life is in having to admit to one's own lack of indispensability. You know how it is - we all want to be missed. But, alas...

I have been away for some time and no one felt the need, let alone the urge, to ask as to my whereabouts. Still, don't feel guilty, I am really only a sad little man and will get over it.

So, where have I been? Well, not that I expect any one to believe me but I was abducted and I can only say that it was by aliens. I went out walking sometime after the new year along the well worn paths of the volcano and being in a jolly frame of mind decided to spend the night star gazing and ruminating. Frankly, I remember nothing at all after that only to say that i have found myself in the "Hauts" with an awful buzzing headache and am missing several months from my life - come off it my life wasn't that boring that I wanted to miss several sections of it! This morning found me fully clothed - yes I know that alien abductions are supposed to entail endless sexual perversions but if they did I can honestly say that cannot have been too stimulating as I have no memory of such wild fun and my tackle, such as it is, still appears to be in working order.

I don't feel like sleeping tonight as I am convinced either that I will have extraordinary nightmares, will wake up from this knowing that it is a dream - or will not wake up and will know nothing;

Yeah! I know all this sounds weird and not at all like my usual rants, but...

How does one explain my absence? Of course you don't believe me - Ok here are a couple of photos - the first I took this morning about an hour after I came too and determined that the buzzing wasn't caused by my headache but something other in the sky, the second a couple of seconds later. After that my camera batteries were flat..


M said...

The story you write of is fascinating. There are times that I surf the internet going wherever my "instinct" or rather- the "superego" tells me to and thus I ended up on your page. I have a high degree of interest in unusual phenomena- probably since I have personally experienced very unusual "sychronicity" style events, including time prompt synchronicities (often referred to 11:11 phenomena) as well as what one could describe as an unusual encounter where I felt lifted out of my bed through and through the ceiling (blacking out in the process, and waking up in the morning in an odd emotional state- nothing negative- just different). First of all, before you entrap yourself into the mode of thinking that you were "abducted" consider the possibility that what we experience is akin to a self and co-created dream. Your absence from this co-created dream is a most intriguing element, but in a likely element it is done with the coordination of your higher self. If you wish- post anything and everything about any dreams you may have had since your return.
Of course if this was all BS then Ill go off and look for other blogs. If what you are writing is for real then I am receptive to listen. And don't worry- this time someone will notice if you don't reappear my friend- notably - me.
Most important- while it sounds hard to do- love and DONT FEAR. you are here aint you? You are ok. while it may seem strange to hear this from someone who you dont know- what happened will make you stronger.
Take care my stranger pal.


Anonymous said...

Mantis!!! Have you gone missing again?!?!? See- I noticed!
Show up please, I am worried about you.


Anonymous said...

OK never mind. I had this page cached in my browser so it did not reload when I returned and thus and did not notice the new posts. Glad you are with us bro! Sorry for the random comments. Take care. Your blog is a lot of fun. Just tell me- are those UFO pics real or are you just having fun at our expense ?? ;)


Anonymous said...

Geh! Looks like a bloated leech...

Goodness this blog site even has us entering stupid codes to verify that we're human or not! long live Livejournal! This is such a pain.

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous, I posted a longer comment because I wanted Mantis to know that he was indeed missed it was spirit of the moment and that is how I felt, Ive been through some odd things in life.

Having said this, I bid you a warm adieu or risk becoming bloated from all the "leeching"... Im sorry you felt that way, really. Peace, M

hot rock mantis