Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Rudolph was here...

source : http://ovpf.univ-reunion.fr/article.php3?id_article=206

The last few days have seen some weather reminiscent of Europe and more like Wales in summer...

So, who is complaining? Me? No never. Yesterday evening the first snowflakes fell upon the volcano and one would think that Christmas has arrived. As it never snows at Christmas anymore one probably wouldn't be thinking that; but it is bloddy cold anyway and not quite the idea of the tropics one has in mind ;-)

I would have liked to have been there as the first flakes fell but having just sold my car this was not possible. However, those very nice people at Image Press RĂ©union have come up with a jolly photo...

... and the volcano? Well it is still erupting if only with the energy of a fairy light.


Angelo de los Angeles said...

you have some very nice pictures Man Yer Tis.... kudos

Elisa (Italia) said...

volevo farti i complimenti hai un sito bellissimo un abbraccio dall'Italia

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