Thursday, May 11, 2006

i may be some time

... it has all been far too long, and if I were searching for an excuse, it would be upon the greasy shoulders of France Telecom that I would place the burden. Having waited one month and five days for the phone to be connected one can probably understand my rancour...

So, enough of that and back to life on the rock. Yesterday was the newly instated (is that a word) "fete" for the abolition of slavery, a day to be aware of the fact that slavery has not really been abolished and a day that Mons Chirac wants seemingly to make his very own as though that would atone for "everything.

Strange also, that Mons Sarkozy chose the same week to give his speech to all - my impressions of that speech are as follows :

Now, quite what this has got to do with the hot rock time will tell. Myself, I disappeared up the volcano at five this morning and crunched along cinder paths in the fag and rain to my little heart's content.

Sorry about the delay in posting and I can assure you that I haven't stopped dribbling and this will continue...

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