Sunday, May 21, 2006

...and where was i this weekend?

I do not think that executives, politicians, criminals and pimps should have all the fun, so I went to the beach and partook of a few beers. I really wanted to say something sleazy about the visit of Dominique the PM this week but a friend and confident informs me that he is really a nice chap and will be president one day. Besides he has just promised 4.5 million € to boost tourism on the island following the CHIK fiasco and I am wondering if he could see to it that a mere few cents would come my way for continuing with my anglophone website - unique and probably up a digital evolutionary blind alley, but then given what wanton development is doing to the island maybe tourism is not exactlly the future...

I had slaved for hours over a rather astonishing (to my small and twisted mind anyways) photo of the PM's visit to be found on the RĂ©union wanadoo site and had produced a scathing satire of post colonial life, but...

... but another close friend tells me that many expats here wouldn't like it, or worse. Not that I am one to be intimidated (oh yeah?) but I thought I would leave it up to your imagination and publish here the original photo...

... please feel free to add you own comments or quotes and I'd love to see if you are as cynical as I am. An added bonus could be that as no-one got the brown-noddy I have plenty of my unique, trendy and half stupid "Chiracagunya" t-shirts left and will send several to the best entry as chosen by the three judges - Myself, Bishop and Mrs jones. The last two are cats so there might just be a little bias..

Back to the photo, and just who are the couple on the left engaging in small talk? Looks like something out of an ad for Renault or Piat D'Or.

Have fun.

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