Sunday, March 01, 2015

Sailing a pea green boat upon a wooden sea in a world turned upside down

Of course, writing about the Datura without a photo is all but unforgivable. So, if the mighty Datura was to turn its gaze upwards what a fine goblet it would become. Sterile perhaps... A good reason to open one's soul to the earth, let the ego without and the Earth within...

As for the title, should one go East or West?

... and to think that the sky never gets to see just what is hidden within the depths of that great pendulous blossom whose perfume only comes out at night to seduce the unwitting and torment the unwilling.

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do my essay said...

This is brilliant, the beauty of nature at its best. I have never seen such a beautiful blossom before. Where are these found? How does it smell like?

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