Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Good news bad news ...

Tis not often that I have some cheery news from the isle slowly sinking under the weight of its human population and attending detritus. Well, I haven't ...

But Kew Gardens have. Apparently, one of their researchers on the island has discovered a very benevolent sorta cricket that instead of devouring plants (orchids in this case), it pollinates them. Now if such wonders can be found on a small island crammed with 800,000 greedy souls what more rests in the great out there beyond ? Even the BBC found it interesting ! It is strangely named the Raspy Cricket and a scientific name has yet to be found - Criketus Lastus Hopeus ?

Oh, why such cynicism ? Well, it might have something to do with the fact that during the night of Sunday last fast clouds of deltamethrine descended upon the isle in order to combat the "nasty" mossie. Of course, insecticide is not selective and as this is highly toxic too all but warm blooded (read cold hearted) species there may not be a lot of hope for the Raspy rascal.

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