Sunday, December 21, 2008

Abolished or Pardonned ?

Yesterday was the "fête de l' abolition d'esclavage" as slavery was finally outlawed on the island the 20th December 1848. One hundred and sixty years later one would have hoped that things have changed. For most of us they have. But, on the French island of Mayotte - soon to be a department - some would argue otherwise.

Meanwhile, Carla has won her case against Pardon and will donate the 40,000 € to a charity. Pardon are appealing. Forgive the cynicism but ...

Carla's court case came and went within a week. Was this a serious case of the abuse of law or what. There are far more pressing problems and far more flagrant abuses of rights other than that of public individuals who are famous merely for being that and rich.

Let's get back to slavery. It has been abolished. We are all equal. Of course.

... unless you are a woman, poor, not the same colour, don't own a rolex, or are taller than me. The list is endless as are the abuses.

We the public are far more concerned about current affairs and this is why on the one hundred and sixtieth anniversary of the abolition of slavery the intellectuals' TV channel Antenne Réunion chose to broadcast ...

The finals of "Star Academy" !

If you are for the abolition of slavery text "1", against, text "2" - texts charged at 2 x 0.50 € + cost of SMS.

The great and late anarchist, P J Proudhon, should be looking on in despair. Property certainly is theft. But wasn't he a misogynist ?
"I deny her every political right and every initiative. For woman liberty and well-being lie solely in marriage, in motherhood,in domestic duties..." Proudhon.

... and didn't he support slavery in the Deep South ?

Our wealth and so called freedoms are essentially based on the misery of others. Our whole percept of the world is wrong and celebrating the abolition of slavery or watching Star Ac won't change a thing.

Shouldn't you be out shopping ?

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