Tuesday, October 14, 2008

On the brink ?

Well now, I should be wittering on about the swelling mangoes, sweaty daturas and dangling bananas - or what. But ... Last week one of the dreams of my naive and impetuous youth almost came true. The great illusory edifice of finance and financial institutions was crumbling. The world's media were awash with photos of shocked and sobbing hedge-fund managers, sharedealers and their greedy and esoteric ilk. Today the media is awash, the tears are of joy as the stock markets rally around the world.

The great spectacle nearly exploded in our faces but it has been patched, reinflated and stuck back on its pedestal for the rest of us dumb jerks to adore.

Is it not perverse that we can spend billions to prop up an illusion - just as the vatican has been doing for the past 2000 years - but nothing to create better lives in a better world.

Could I do better ?

Well I know where I would prefer to 'inject' billions. Do you?

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