Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Money, money, monet, in a rich man's world

No, this isn't a Monet it is a reflection of the Loire. If it were a Monet I wouldn't be spending my time blathering on and drooling into my keyboard.
I haven't written for a while for I have been contmplating my navel in the search for lost petroleum resources. They aren't really lost at all and we are all being stung by an economic system that relies on phantom crisis to provoke misery in the masses and to guild the fat butts of the few.

In France, which brings us back to Monet, things are not a lot different. Here the State adds to the misery by persecuting the masses whenever the coffers are a trifle low. If you are going to get fined here the chances are increased tenfold during a recession. Oh, sorry, it is not a recession it is just the evil manpulation of the markets by the spawn of Satan.

That should cheer you up. Besides, nobody believes in God, or Satan anymore. Oddly enough they still believe in capitalist economics. A science so abstract as to make the virgin birth seem plausible. There are no global shortages accept that of comon sense. The same common sense that tells me that Sarkozy is bringing back platforms, Obama is not black and McCain is a chip.

This brief post should confirm your suspicions that this blog is dull, I am a dullard and what goes around comes around. My horoscope for tomorrow states that I am to have some prophetic dreams, so this may be the last dull yet rational drivel for a long while...

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