Friday, March 23, 2007


Sap rises - damn it must be Spring in some hemisphere or another.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

... be back soon!

One of the saddest things in life is in having to admit to one's own lack of indispensability. You know how it is - we all want to be missed. But, alas...

I have been away for some time and no one felt the need, let alone the urge, to ask as to my whereabouts. Still, don't feel guilty, I am really only a sad little man and will get over it.

So, where have I been? Well, not that I expect any one to believe me but I was abducted and I can only say that it was by aliens. I went out walking sometime after the new year along the well worn paths of the volcano and being in a jolly frame of mind decided to spend the night star gazing and ruminating. Frankly, I remember nothing at all after that only to say that i have found myself in the "Hauts" with an awful buzzing headache and am missing several months from my life - come off it my life wasn't that boring that I wanted to miss several sections of it! This morning found me fully clothed - yes I know that alien abductions are supposed to entail endless sexual perversions but if they did I can honestly say that cannot have been too stimulating as I have no memory of such wild fun and my tackle, such as it is, still appears to be in working order.

I don't feel like sleeping tonight as I am convinced either that I will have extraordinary nightmares, will wake up from this knowing that it is a dream - or will not wake up and will know nothing;

Yeah! I know all this sounds weird and not at all like my usual rants, but...

How does one explain my absence? Of course you don't believe me - Ok here are a couple of photos - the first I took this morning about an hour after I came too and determined that the buzzing wasn't caused by my headache but something other in the sky, the second a couple of seconds later. After that my camera batteries were flat..

hot rock mantis