Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas with the Black Virgin... and other tales

The Black Virgin of Le Puy en Velay is famous. There are many such Black Virgins throughout this part of the world and beyond. The one of Le Puy is famous partly because it no longer exists. She was destroyed sometime during the revolution during the great age of reason. We no longer live in an age of reason. It is the festive season and, no, this is not solely a Christian festival; it was abducted by an alien and patriarchal political class who have hung on to power for two millenia too long...

Blah blah! If the news, and by that I mean the BBC, is anything to go by this is certainly a very catholic Christmas this year. Tony Blair has come out of the closet and  Ms Widdicombe has tried to put him back in. The Pope has decided that conflicts are a bad, mad thing, which is great coming from the institution that is probably responsible for more conflicts and mortal torment than even Bin Laden and G.W. All this is the same old spiritual dog food but there is some thing in the air which seems to have been rather over-looked this year...

The Pope gave his address in front of the traditional scene of the nativity. Traditional? Well, apparently this year the scene was not a stable in Bethlehem but a room in Joseph's house. Why? Because the catholic church wants to demonstrate that, "Christ was born everywhere, not just in Bethlehem". Link

Forgive me; but isn't this going against the main tennets of faith? Next year it'll be by cesearain section in a BUPA maternity clinic. The year after Christ will have been borne on a meteorite that burnt up in the atmosphere and little spores of Jesus rained down throughout the land - Ah! so that is what the shepherds saw. Christ was born everywhere!!! Jesus! It must have been one hell of a night and something out of Being John Malkovitch. Christ was born everywhere - that means a lot of virgins ruined. 

The Pope goes on to denounce terrorism (whose?) and conflict that victimises women and children. That is really the rubber johnny of all hypocrisy... Which brings me back to the Black Virgin of Le Puy. Not very communicative, so went for a walk ...

Still, this being the season of good will it is time to open a decent Bourgogne, warm up the mincey meaties and think benevolent thoughts - Merry Christmas.

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