Thursday, November 15, 2007

Talking of chugging...

The first snow of winter (well summer was that miserable snow could be seen from afar in June!) fell yesterday and with a North wind and sub-zero temperatures the festive season can't be too far away. Festive? Of course one has to do something. Needless to say all by previous talk of the violation of nature has turned upon me as I now have to get the Leviathan out of the garage in order to get to work.

I do not know why I should go to work. I would rather keep the LR in the garage and go for a bracing walk. I could stay at home but it is too cold, the wood is damp and fuel oil is nearly as expensive as diesel - any donations grateful accepted as I am not all that proud ;-) In fact, the state should pay people like me to stay at home and live in places where no-one else wants to live. But what is good about living here is that there are very few people like me, or you, or any one. So, back to Jezebel the mighty Leviathan...

Actually, she is a rust bucket in the throes of renovation - malhereusement, summer was so miserable that I only got the driver's side finished ;-( But Jezebel lives and breathes even if she is showing her twenty years by the seaside through rustage and not bronzage.

The future? Dunno, but it looks like winter's going to be fun...

Take care and stay warm out there. x

Happy schnerkling!

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