Wednesday, April 05, 2006

oil change?

I should apologise for the delay in submitting something to this blog, but... nobody reads it anyway, no one will have missed anything.

Besides, I have a reasonable excuse. I have been moving from up there to down about and across. Unfortunately this is only a temporary stop but then so is life. More on the new mantis abode later if I should ever get the phone connected. However, moving has become rather a strain as I managed to explode my sump - not that I am one of a prestigous sump, but an exploded sump is worse than useless. Now, I can admit to being responsible for the great oil slick of 2006 and I was not hiding underneath my car but trying to repair it.

Nobody wants to know about any of that but my search for a second hand sump and oil pump has led me to previously unknown parts of the island. I could waffle on - yet again - about chikungunya (174 dead 230,000 infected) but frankly, it is all becoming a bit boring, even for those suffering.

The coast road is still closed to traffic due to the great land slip of 2006 which pushed my great oil slick off the front page...

... I am off back under my car, if it works after all my fumbling about I'll finish moving then get the phone connected and continue writing this dribble.

Oil change? No all change, its time for a revolution.

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