Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Dit wah!

I have not slept too well these past two nights. No, it is not due to a quilty conscience but the fact that living in a shed with a tin roof makes a good "tambour" for the elements. Diwa, has now been and gone, we are no longer on "alert orange" , the kids can go back to school and I can get around to clearing up the garden...
... but it is still mighty windy and the rain just keeps on raining. And, no, I do not have any figures but it rained lots and most of it is now on its way to the bottom of the rock carrying along with it all the rubbish which has been ditched into the ravines since the last cyclone. It is probably taking a few mosquitoes and gallons of insecticide along with it as well.

Apart from the effect on my garden and the gloom of days of rain the only other noticeable result of the tropical storm Diwa is the emigration into the house of countless numbers of slugs and snails. This is not the sort of thing that immediately springs to mind when one is thinking "tropical", but there you go.

I went for a walk yesterday morning, the wind was windy, the rain driving, the ravines full and water cascaded across the road yearning for the sea. Amidst all this the toads where busy, and not quietly, making love in the culverts. This illustrates a great difference between toads and humans. The toad sees the opportunity to stay in doors and celebrate the joys of existence, we...
...The Journal of the Isle yesterday saw fit to headline with, "beaten by Chikungunya, knocked out by Dina". I sincerely believe that it is an Althussian statist ploy to depress the masses (that is us) and make them totally, economically, socially and, more importantly, morally dependent on the State.
When I was in Africa - Oh! Jesus, he is off again...
In Botswana it very nearly never rains but each year the govt. deem it necessary to declare a "drought". You should be able to see where this is going. Back to the rock in the tropics, it is just that, "in the Tropics" hence it succumbs to tropical things. The people know this and yet the insidious, imposed dependency deprives us all of the right to control our own lives and hence to go home and make love when a cyclone hits...

...for a further, in depth explanation of this theory please feel free to contact me, or go commune with a toad or a prince.

Meanwhile, back in the "real" world the UK and France have agreed to build great aircraft carriers together whilst our president is off flogging arms to the Saudis. If only cyclones and diseases were our only problems. ;-)

PS meteo france are on strike - but I can tell you that Salazie had 1.2m of rain in 24 hours, you won't get that in the UK in a year so stop griping!

PPS it is still raining.

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