Saturday, January 21, 2006

le chikungunya est dingue

Seemingly this morning I have lost my rucksack - this is of little interest to you but of great consequence to me as it contains my peanut ginger chilli chews and life will not be the same although my teeth could do with a break.

Nothing too exciting this week bar the fact that chikungunya (see continues to plague the island and the authorities are getting rather embarassed; they are not, however, telling the tourists!

I went snorkelling last week and got bitten by a picasso fish - as it was only 15cm long the wound is not terrible but I could be persuaded to make a fuss and pretend that it was the barracudda with which I swam on new year's eve.

I am off to find my rucksack... have a good weekend and watch out for the mossies.

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